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Kristi has such a vast amount of knowledge.  She really takes the time to explain how muscles, tendons, bones, etc work together.  I call her the miracle worker and will NEVER go anywhere else.  She is the greatest!!

Miffy W, West Linn, OR 


My results now are 100% mobility back!  My questions were always answered in a way I could understand.  My results have been better than I expected.  I would be willing to pay out-of-network to come to Wilsonville Physical Therapy.

Jason O, Hubbard, OR

Kristi was able to provide effective therapy and I noticed results!  Results are lasting even without treatment.  I am so grateful for their part in my journey to living most days headache free.

Allison H, Mulino, OR

I am glad I found Kristi.  So amazingly talented, she has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you.

Karen D, Aurora, OR

Kristi's ability to listen, evaluate and treat is exceptional.  I appreciate she chooses a course of action but as is constantly assessing the success of those actions and is open to re-adjusting therapy to bring about results. Her instructions for home therapy is clear and easy to follow.

Shelly G, Wilsonville, OR 

Over a 2-3 week period, my therapy and exercises were a true blessing in giving me a pain free back.  Her methods were amazing and gave me the relief needed.  Highly recommend her!

David O, Wilsonville, OR


I had been suffering w/chronic pain for many years. I haven't had good luck w/PT. Kristi's approach is very different from traditional PT. ... she was able to give me results that held. I haven't felt this great in years. It was always a pleasure to see her --- and I drove over an hour to see her each time

Renae F, Estacada, OR












Kristi truly cares about each one of her patients. I've seen this both through working for her and being a patient myself. She takes the time to figure out the root cause of whatever is going on and goes to town with the most suitable approach or technique. Sometimes I feel like she understands my body better than I do....actually she probably does.                                                                  Danika F, Tualatin, OR


My experience was great!! I felt stronger each time and Kristi helped me understand and gain the knowledge necessary to keep me progressing.

                 Megan W, Wilsonville, OR


Within a relatively short period with Kristi, I am now able to not only return to "normal", but to introduce activities back into my life that I thought would have been near impossible before.

        Melanie F, Wilsonville, OR


Kristi is an exceptional physical therapist and likely the most knowledgeable practitioner on osteoporosis. Since working with Kristi, I am better able to cope with my osteoporosis, transforming my fear to empowerment. Thank you, Kristi!!

                 Anonymous, Portland, OR



I highly recommend Kristi, and I would be willing to pay out-of-network to come in for treatment. (I drive about 20 miles roundtrip from SW Portland, and it is well worth it). You just feel very comfortable being under her care.

                           Susan A, Portland, OR


You are the only one there and are under the constant care and supervision of Kristi. The answers to your questions are very complete and helpful. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. 

                                Bill M, Donald, OR


Kristi is a very intuitive healer who listens and educates thoroughly. She found things that I held in my body a long time, then assisted me to release them. I feel so much better! Thank you!

                         Maria L, Portland, OR



Kristi Spencer is phenomenal!!! I have been living with back pain for years and have seen countless physical therapists. Very little progress was ever made towards long-term relief. A friend recommended Kristi and couldn't say enough good things...with reservations about seeing another physical therapist, I finally decided to give it a try. Wow, was I thankful I did!!! Kristi has made a world of difference for me. Kristi utilizes several techniques including the Strain Counterstrain method. Kristi not only focuses on the problem area, but works with all surrounding areas to make sure proper function and support is established. She has made a major impact in my daily pain and mobility.

                      Megan F, Lake Oswego, OR






















Kristi is the best and helped me tremendously. If my problems re-occur, I will definitely be back.

  Liz P, Wilsonville, OR


Having Kristi treat me has allowed me freedom of movement again. I can now exercise without resulting in pain. Since the decrease in body pain, I have been able to stop using Vicodin after a 17 year dependence. Thank you Kristi! I am GRATEFUL! GRATEFUL!

              Mary N, Aurora, OR


I have seen Kristi for several issues over the past year and have been so happy with the results. I have recommended her to everyone I have met who is seeking an excellent PT.

                 Jill M, Wilsonville, OR

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