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At Wilsonville Physical Therapy, we help you improve quickly and thoroughly. That is why we listen to you, evaluate your situation in detail, and provide advanced techniques to give you the best results.  We do this in a professional and comfortable environment.


Kristi Spencer, PT applies the best of her extensive study and professional experience providing treatment such as:


Strain Counterstrain and Fascial Counterstrain, gentle and highly effective hands-on techniques which correct underlying soft tissue and joint dysfunctions to allow an area to heal and move correctly,

Neuromuscular Re-Education to normalize movement patterns and posturing,

Focused Home or Gym Exercise Programs to help you move and feel better,

Manual Therapy Techniques, Infrared Laser, and more.


Our care goes beyond managing your symptoms. We address underlying causes

to correct the problem. Many patients see results from the first session. And, we help you understand your condition and learn what to do for yourself long term. 

We understand that the body works as a whole so treat that way. 


Give us a call at 503-682-7565 to let us know how we can help you.

Kristi J. Spencer, PT

We want you to feel good and enjoy life!

What our patients are saying…

I truly believe Kristi knows her stuff and more. I would recommend her to anyone. She went beyond her call of duty with my injury. She and her staff were amazing to work with. Thanks Kristi for everything.

                                           Lisa B.


Kristi wants her patients to get better. I like working with Kristi because she loves what she does, she's professional and honest. I would pay out-of-network and out-of pocket to see Kristi as opposed to seeing someone who "doesn't know me".

                                               Ellen C.



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You may refer yourself for treatment.


We also welcome referral by a healthcare provider.

We are a Payment In Full At Time Of Service clinic.


Many of our patients come via word-of-mouth

for which we are grateful!


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